Bonded Warehouse

Bonded Warehouse Customs Services List in Singapore

With our bonded warehouse facility:

  • Own  bonded warehouse;
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Storage of goods under the customs control;
  • Temporary storage in a warehouse;
  • Transshipment of goods in transit through the vehicle ;
  • Split of shipment, labeling, palletizing, etc.;
  • Consignment services (sale of goods from the warehouse);
  • Consolidation of goods in the warehouse

Trade Compliance Policy Statement:
Logistic Solution Hub is 100% committed to operate our warehouse in compliance with the Customs Act, Customs Regulations and the licensing Terms and Conditions. We understand the importance of ensuring accurate reporting of imports and exports details. Hence, we recognized that any failure to comply to the regulation will results in serious consequences such as damaged to our company reputations, penalties and revocation of license. All employees of Logistic Solution Hub are responsible to ensure the compliance of trading policy.

Security Policy Statement:
Logistic Solution Hub is committed to protecting the company’s employees, properties, information and assets from any threat. Procedures are implemented from sourcing of supplier, selection of conveyance, storage at facility and warehouse security so as to ensure that products are safe and protected from threat. Security measures shall be reviewed periodically to ensure the suitability of the warehouse system. All employees are responsible and shall aware of the security of the warehouse.

Logsolhub is one of the leading companies that provide customs services for bonded warehouses in Singapore. They offer a wide range of logistic and storage solutions to various industries. We are one of the largest providers of such services in this country; we help our clients deal with a whole range of problems including but not limited to secure, efficient, and compliant storage options. These facilities are well placed so as to allow multinationals operating in Singapore and through to connect easily with key commercial routes. In fact, connectedness which is an important factor in any supply chain system is best expressed when multinational corporations have found themselves relying on it heavily. The aim of developing these bonded warehouse customs solutions was to simply the process of moving goods in and out through customs posts more efficiently. By using bonded warehouse services, companies can defer their duty payments until stocks get ready for distribution while improving cash flow and minimizing duty exposure. Especially, businesses that want to effectively control their stock without unnecessary costs benefit from this service. Lsolhub has also included fulfillment operations like inventory management and logistics support among others as part of our package for bonded warehouse services. Hence, each service offered by Lsolhub is tailored according to each client’s need and goes beyond mere space provision into strategic partnership in managing supply chains effectively. Our experts are conversant with local laws as well as international trade regulations thus all commodities stored within our facilities meet required compliance criteria. It assures that Logsolhub gives transparent partnerships based on innovation and efficiency. Staying relevant among its contemporaries demands technology investment coupled with training on advanced techniques thus keeping our customers still ahead in the markets they serve. Regardless whether it is a small company or huge firm, these bonded warehouse services will fit your business requirement in Singapore hence offering smooth passage from storage till delivery. You may also join Logsolhub team where you will be served with precision and professionalism if you understand its strategic advantages that include sound logistical decisions taken with high level of professional ethics.